Monday, October 1, 2012

Kon nichi wa - Part VI Honeymoon Cont.

After our fun-filled day on the excursion, we went back to relax at the pools and then got ready for our reservation that we had at a Japanese restaurant on one of the other Sandals Resorts.
 On the way there

 Yuck - soup and salad… but that definitely was not the salad I was used to.  Side note - this was my first time ever eating any type of Japanese food and going to a japanese restaurant - but I did try everything once, same for Matt.

 Our sushi and something else we got with our saki

8th Dinner
 The actual entree was delicious!

 Desserts…. were terrible

Matt laughing after we mentioned we're going to get a burger at our hotel with ice cream for dessert Lol

All in all, I am glad we were able to experience it. Later that night, we cancelled out reservation for the french place and changed it to the italian restaurant. Last thing we wanted to eat were frog legs, lamb, and hen. No thank you.


  1. I hope the Japanese food tasted better then it looked. I don't like French food either, expect for French pastries. I'll stick to American & Italian meals. You both look nice dressed up for diner. Love Dad.

    1. No, it didn't taste any better than it looked. Lol what you see is what you get apparently in the world of Japan. Well.. the entree actually was really good - that was just chicken, steak, rice, and vegetables.. it was all the other foods that weren't tasty.