Monday, October 1, 2012

Hiking The Pitons - Part VII Honeymoon

Well, our vacation at Sandals is nearing the end. Day 8 of our vacation we decided to climb the Pitons. It was a close call to riding ATVs through the jungle or deep sea fishing, but we figured we could deep sea fish anywhere, as well as ride ATVs, but we could never climb the Pitons anywhere else because they only exist in St. Lucia.

This excursion was the earliest one yet leaving at 6am. That means we had to be up by 5am to eat breakfast, change, and meet up at the front desk.  It took 2 hours to get there since it was on the opposite side of the island. Once we were there, we began to climb. It was steep climb uphill. It is the 2nd largest mountain in their country. It took a little over 4 hours to climb the entire thing.

 All their bananas!

 View of what we would be climbing.

 I love their colorful buildings

Matt caught a giant lizard

Very top of the Piton
Our awesome guide

This stopping point was 1/4 to the top.

Wandering Jew

Behind us is the other Piton. It looks fairly close but it's close to 3 miles away.

The carving tree. This was 1/2 way to the top.

3/4 to the top!
Top of the mountain

The largest mountain is behind us covered by some clouds. You can see a little bit of it.

To cool off, we went swimming and then had a lunch.

Once we got back, we went straight to the showers, ate dinner in the room and fell asleep from 8pm until 9am that next day. It really wore us out, but it was worth it


  1. What was the mountain elevation? Was it tougher climbing up or going down? Did you & Matt get bit by mosquitos? Was climbing that mountain harder than running the 10K? What happen to Matt's shirt? Love Dad.

    1. The elevation was a little over 2,600 ft. For me, it was easier climbing up because I can have a better feel for where to step and put more effort, but going down is always harder for me not just my knees but because I am unstable with where to step - so I go a lot slower coming down so I don't fall. Matt is the exact opposite - he trails behind me going up, but then is no where to be seen going down because he can zoom downhill. I got bit my mosquitos really bad.. I think I really was the only one in our group that kept getting attacked. I would definitely say yes climbing it was a lot harder than a 10k. Matt said this was really tough and he's already climbed a taller mountain than this. Matt got hot, so he wore it around his head like survivor lol.