Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dance The Night Away - Part III Honeymoon Cont.

So like I mentioned in the previous post, we went out to a street party after our dinner with a few people we met at the resort. Here are some of the pictures from that.

Blowing a conch shell… we thought about buying one but then we would have had to carry it the entire night.

Okay, so at this street party, basically everyone had something like this set up around outside just bottles and bottles of liquor and beer. Pretty neat. What Matt is holding is called Spiced Rum. Something they are really known for whenever you go to St. Lucia. It's so strong - 160% strong and 80% alcohol… yeah!

 Their food was so delicious! Actually, all the food on that island was incredible.

Our grasshopper and cricket some 13 year old boy made for us in a matter of 30 seconds or less.


  1. Looks like you were having so much fun. Who took the pictures for you when you were dancing? The food did look good. I would have to try everything just once.

    1. We did have a lot of fun. One of the other girls that we were hanging out with. The food was delicious, like always.

  2. I like seeing you smile & happy. Love Dad