Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dinner & A Show - Part II Honeymoon Cont.

If you're just tuning in… here's what you missed on this post here, here, and here.

After snorkeling, we got ready to have dinner outside by the poolside and to enjoy the music and show that the resort put together for that night.

 Dinner night #2
 This band was awesome at the steel drums. Loved it. Just wish we had the other camera that night instead of the one we used.

 You can see on the ground from when it rained for 10 minutes that night, but it didn't stop the show at all!

 Wow, can St. Lucia women dance.. and dance fast!

 Again, horrible photo quality, but this was sort of a game they play. They use 2 bamboo sticks and they move them in (together) and out (apart) when they are together you jump on either side of the sticks (which I'm doing above) and when they are apart you jump in the center (which Matt is doing in the picture below) You can twirl, you can jump slow or fast.

 Then, the band made everyone form a congo line to move upstairs on the main floor where there was a DJ and all these girls that started to dance and put on another show.

 The ladies made all of us women form a train line and go around the building grabbing other women in.

 Dancing the night away!


  1. Your photos are great. It looks like you had a good time. We had bamboo poles like that. Grandma and Grandpa got them from the Philipines when they were there. My older brothers and sisters learned how to dance with the poles. It is called tinikling dance. I liked to hear the noise of the poles as they hit the ground.

  2. Was it all couples or were there families there too? I bet you didn't watch any TV, too much fun being outdoors. I'm happy you & Matt were finely able to have a real honeymoon. Love Dad.

    1. Only couples. No families are allowed, they go to Beaches which is a resort just like that but made for families. We hardly ever watched t.v. unless it was when we were getting ready or about to go to bed to relax. I am happy we were able to have one as well