Sunday, September 30, 2012

Exploring The Waters - Part IV Honeymoon

If you have missed the others posts from our honeymoon vacation, you can scroll down to read about our exciting stay.  

Day 4, we went out on a boat to go snorkeling further away from the resort. This was a lot of fun because we saw more things under the water and were able to look at reefs. The only down part was that it was only a few hundred yards from the resort,  it was only for 1 hour, and we had to wear stupid life vests (although we did not inflate ours!)

 Their food… delicious.  Jumbo Hot dog with jerk bbq = heaven.

Afterwards, we decided to give paddle-boarding a try because of how popular it seems to be in California. Turns out, I love it and it's not that hard as it seems to be.

Matt doing an awesome job wake-boarding!


  1. It looks so beautiful and peaceful there. The pictures are very nice. You were able to capture good pictures of the fish. Were any of the fish poisonous? Thank you for sharing your blog.

    1. It is really pretty and peaceful. None of the fish were. Just the sea urchin (the black spikey thing) We were told not to touch them. Lol they will poke you.

  2. I like the picture of you and Matt together underwater.