Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I SEA you - Part II Honeymoon Cont.

If you missed the first two posts, you can click here and here to read up.

After our hike, we decided to go snorkeling for a bit to cool off before dinner time. The water is incredible, we had a great time diving under and exploring their ocean.

 These large starfish were everywhere! Pretty neat

 When you would get close to most of the plants and creatures, they would get scared and close up.


  1. The snorkeling pictures are great. You captured some great shots. Did you keep any of the starfish? You got really close to all the sea creatures.

    1. No we didn't keep any of the starfish. Matt said that it is a process to save them. You have to dry them out, and then bleach them. and some other stuff. I am not sure Lol. But yes we did get really close to a lot of stuff under there. It was a lot of fun