Thursday, September 27, 2012

Welcome To The Jungle - Part III Honeymoon

Day three of our vacation was one of the most fun days we had at the resort. This day we went zip-lining. It was one of the four tours we did while in St. Lucia.

Zip-lining was something that I have always wanted to do, it actually is on our baby list! Matt was excited to go as well even though us having to wake up at 7:00am was not really what we were looking forward to, OR that hour drive to the jungle, but it was totally worth it!!
So at 7:30 us and a bunch of others loaded onto the bus and we made our way to the Jungle. This time, the ride was not that bad as it was from the airport, probably because our tour guide George AKA George of the Jungle was talking to us the entire time and getting us to interact.

Once we were there, we got suited up, had a quick lesson and then off to start walking the trails and riding our first line. There were a total of 12 lines.

Yes, we are wearing head nets, haha.

 George catches tarantulas, snakes, etc. So, while we were zip-lining he found this guy and showed us how to capture one.

 This guy is a great tour person and full of life!

 About to take the tarantula from George.

Brave, brave, brave!

Once we got back from the tour, which was around 2, we ate lunch and headed to the pool to relax! Until it was time to get ready for our dinner that night.

 Delicious wine… my favorite!

 Our 3rd dinner. It was an italian restaurant called Toscanini's.

After dinner, we met up with a few couples that we were talking with earlier to go to a street party that their city has every Friday; which, you can read about that here!


  1. The zip line looks fun. How close to the rocks were you on the zip line? Why the hair net, was it because of the bugs or so your hair doesn't get caught in the zip line? Was the Italian dinner good?

    1. It was a lot of fun! We weren't that close to the rocks at all. There was only one that was a bit lower but still we were pretty high up. The hair net was probably for the line or also because so many people wear those helmets. The italian dinner was one of the best dinners!! We actually decided to make reservations for that place twice.