Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

For once in the past 3 years, Matt is home in the states for Easter....and YET we aren't able to spend the day together.  It irritates me! I am extremely thankful that he is in the states, safe, and that we are able to see each other rather than him being deployed but it just gets to me! It's not fair that he has to keep going to all these trainings and still can be deployed at any time. Since he got home in the very end of September, he has already been on 4 trainings; total weeks (at the end of this training) will equal up to 14 weeks! That is a little over 3 months. Thankfully I am able to see him throughout each training, but c'mon Marine Corps.
End of rant.
So back to my Easter post - I decided to cheer myself up since I am spending it alone with no family around, so I made myself an egg salad sandwich which was able to get me into the Easter spirit. I also picked up some almond mounds and marshmallow eggs. I guess you can say that was my "Easter basket".

Now that Lent is over, I can say that I finally stuck to my goal of what to give up and what to start and that I am able to cross it off our list since it was one of the things I have wanted to keep up with for awhile. I felt great praying each night to God to look over Matt and I and to always give us the strength through separations, to always try to do the right thing, and to somehow find a way to show each other how much we love each other each day whether we are together or apart. I am going to continue doing that every night.

This past week I've just been doing my normal routine of school and the facility site. I actually tried to get ahead of myself so I have less to do in the next week. I prepared my notecards for next week's quiz and test, as well as, already written my paper that is due this coming up Friday. Go me!
Last week's test was my worst grade yet; I got an 88.75%  I'm not a fan of "B" letter grades, I much rather have A's. Thankfully, our lowest test grade will be dropped by the end of the class, so let's hope this will be the one dropped. On the quiz last week I got a 100%. On the group presentation I got 18.5/20 points which is a 92. I got points marked off because I read the powerpoint, eh whatever.


  1. Sorry you & Matt are apart so much. Remember, he was a Marine first & you knew the pitfalls of being a military wife. I was deployed when you were 6 weeks old and didn't return until after your 1st birthday. I was away over 2 years before your 3rd birthday. Try to focus on the good things, like homecoming reunions.

  2. I know you will do well in class. I can only remember you getting 2 B's between 1st grade and completing your AA degree. You were a smart girl then and a smart woman now, don't forget that. Love Dad

  3. I know, I did understand what I was getting myself into before I decided to get myself into that situation. At any time during dating, I could have backed out, but I was in love with him and still am.. so I deal with it, just like Mom did when you were gone so often and missed out on events and special occasions. Thanks, dad! I got a few C's one point in my life.. I think I actually got 1 D back in 9th grade I think. But yes, rarely did I get bad grades, I strive for perfection.