Saturday, April 9, 2011

I survived!!

This week was my first week at the clinical site we are training at. So that means I was actually working with real patients and residents, not just other classmates! I was so nervous this week. Monday and Tuesday was school like normal. But Wednesday through Friday are the days I work at the facility.
Name tag, Stethoscope (the thing around my neck) and my gait belt over my shoulder (used to help transfer patients/residents. It's wrapped around their waist)
I have never worn so much white in my life! White shoes, socks, scrub pants, scrub top, white top under scrub top, white watch. jeez. Sometimes I feel like a psych ward nurse/doctor from that movie "Shutter Island"

Wednesday we didn't get to actually be in the facility that long because OSHA (occupational safety and health administration) was there surveying and checking out the facility. we got a tour of the place that day. Thursday, I followed around another CNA to see how she works with patients. She really wasn't that friendly..or hardly talked. But like my professor said, they didn't get hired to teach, they got hired to perform as a nursing assistant.

Friday, I actually got assigned a resident. I was partnered with another girl, but she ended up helping out another patient for half the evening. Then when we got back from break, she joined me again. I learned a lot today and was able to perform quite a bit of tasks. It really wasn't AS nerve-wracking as I thought it would be. Most of the stuff is pretty common sense and things that I would want to do to myself.
I would have to say, the highlight of my day was feeding my resident. I don't know why, but I really enjoyed the feeding part.

Oh I got a 100% on my quiz from Friday and I got a 95% on my test I took on Monday!
I am really proud of myself. Studying is really paying off. I make at least 180-200 note cards each week. I cannot believe next Monday will be my 3rd week in this program... only 5 more weeks to go!

Matt is doing good. He's getting really tan from working outside all the time, or at least that is how it looks from when he sent me a picture of him via text message. I miss having him around, but we got 1 more month left. Halfway finished!


  1. I like the photos. Glad you are doing well in school. I hope you are enjoying it. They say the riches people aren’t those who make the most money, but those who enjoy their work and feel like they are helping others. Love Dad

  2. Thanks, Dad. I am sure that is true. I am still unsure if this is the career for me, but I haven't had enough experience yet to tell whether or not is. So far, it's not as bad. I'm sure it will be different when I don't need to constantly read and study each week. I would hope this is something I can enjoy.

  3. I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. You have that persistence in you as well. I am glad you are sticking to the CA. It may not be you dream job, but it is a start. I love the fact you still use note cards to study. It is a good way to study. Keep up the good work. I like your pictures too.