Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Week Down

I don't have much to write about for this week. I have completed another week of the CNA program. It's going fairly well. This was the 2nd week being at the facility and I think this week was better than last. Wednesday through today (Friday), we had our own patient.  It's really not so bad. Although, I still get really nervous and always feel like I have no idea what I should be doing.  I have 5 weeks left of the facility, so hopefully that will change and by next week I will be more confident. Plus, I am going to go to the open labs on Monday to get more practice. Not only will it help for when I'm at the facility, but it definitely will help for the state exam which costs quite some money and I absolutely do not want to fail - I would be so pissed if I did.

From my test on Monday, I got a 94% and my quiz from Tuesday I got a 100%. Go me. Ha, ha. I have been studying hard. Except this week I've slacked a bit but I'm sure tomorrow and Sunday I will make up for it and study all throughout the day so I can get a good grade for the test Monday. Plus I have a group project to present Monday.


  1. I have been an EMT for over a year, and I still get nervous and feel like i don't know what to do. The medical field is hard. it is completely normal to feel that way. just dont ever show it on the outside lol one of my first patients when i worked in the ER came in by ambulance and they had gauze all taped to her face because she fell and smacked her face on the corner of a nightstand... well the gauze needed to be changed so i did it. and i had no idea what was under the gauze, i kinda just thought it was a little cut and she was just over reacting.... NO! lol i pulled off the gauze and she had a hole (litterally a HOLE!) like on the left side of her face where her nose connects to her cheek... I was startled to say the least lol and I kinda gave her this scared "OMFG" look and that was the worst thing i could have done hahaha i got chewed out by a nurse and a dr for scaring the patient because of how i reacted lol its gonna be hard sometimes to see certain things and even to remember what to do in certain situations, but remember STAY CALM. patients will sense your nervousness and it will make them feel uneasy. have confidence. and if you get stuck, move on and come back to whatever your stuck on. :) if you ever have and questions or anything i MIGHT be able to help you just give me a call or something :) I am looking forward to seeing more posts about your CNA stuff :)

  2. Aw thanks Kayla!! I really needed to hear that. There have been times where I had a mini freak out moment and asked for help because I realized I couldn't move a person by myself and the lady goes "no it's okay, you don't need help" and I was able to move her after repositioning but man oh man. I wish that the nervous feeling would go away. I think you're right though.. as long as I don't show it, and show the confidence then it will be alright. I can't imagine working in the ER lol