Thursday, April 28, 2011

Leaving A Comment

To those who are either following our blog through e-mail, subscribing, or just stop by to visit and read, I thought I would show you how to leave a comment to the post you read if you are unsure how.

  1. Read blog entry.
  2. At the end of a blog entry, there is a link labeled "Comments". Click the word "Comment". (Sometimes it will have a number in front of it; that is how many comments were already left for the specific post.)
  3. After clicking comment, you can see the ones that were left by others (if any), and then a box where a new comment can be written. This is where you would type in whatever you like to say.
  4. Once you have written your comment, underneath the box says "Comment As: Select Profile". This is where you would click the arrow button to select a profile. For those who DON'T have a Google account or any of the other accounts listed, you can select the profile "name/url" where you would just simply type in your name so we know who wrote it. OR select "anonymous" and then write your name at the end of your comment, unless you do want to be anonymous.
  5. Then click "Post Comment" to post it instantly after you verify a code (to prevent spammers) or select "Preview" to preview what it will look like before it's posted.

That's it. Just 5 simple steps. It's even easier than you think; I just elaborate so the steps are easy to follow. So, Happy commenting :)

School Update:
I am trying to get as much completed as I can ahead of time, so that I have less to deal with as we are nearing the end of the course. Especially, since Matt will be home in about a week, I would like to maybe have a day to slack off, although, we will see about that.
From the test on Monday, I got a 96%. That is my highest grade yet! She surprised us by having it all multiple choice; which, at first I was really not liking that idea since some of the questions are tricky, but it turned out - I did way better than I thought. I guess that always being the last one to finish a test can pay off. (No seriously, I am always the last one by at least 10-15 minutes....I'm just not a test taker, I over-analyze everything.)
Then, on Tuesday, we had a quiz and OF COURSE, I got a 100%. Ha, ha.

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