Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy To Share

Today in class we had to present our group presentations that we got assigned about 2 weeks ago. Our group had 3 people (that's including me). Our presentation was over soft/mechanical soft diet. It was overall fairly easy. I didn't put too much time into it. It took me 3 hours to research plus make the powerpoint. ( I think it was the best one!) We also made a poster and brought in food samples for the class. Food samples were bananas (cut in half..I was even able to cut some into 3's) and then applesauce.
I think our group did great. It's graded individually too, so not as an entire group.
How the soft/mechanical soft food fits into the my pyramid chart

Nothing new has been happening around here. Same thing each week - reading, highlighting, studying, testing, facility site, and missing the hubby.
(yea, that's notecards for 1 test over 11 chapters.)

Speaking of the husband, here are some recent pics of him that he sent me via phone that I'm happy to share
Countdown to possible coming home: 3 weeks

(random side note: I realized I've used the number "3" a lot in this post.)


  1. Looks like your doing well in school. The most rewarding things in life take hard work and support from love ones. You have both. We are proud of you. Love Dad

  2. Thanks Dad! You're right they sure do. Im glad I am able to have both, as you are too. I love you and miss you! Tell mom I said hello and hope things are well. I'll call soon.. I have just been so busy with school.