Tuesday, July 31, 2012

House < Home

They say a home is better than a house and since we have moved out to California, I have been trying to make our house feel more like a home by hanging more pictures or art work on the wall, adding some decorations whether I bought them or made them to put around the house and to make it feel like it's ours even if only for a limited of time. It is hard to settle into a house and call it a home if you only plan on being there for 3 years max, so I am happy that I feel like I can actually call it that even though I know we do plan on moving from here hopefully soon.

This was added onto our baby bucket list to make/buy things for our house. These objects are something that we can take with us whenever we move from here. Now, I doubt I will ever be finished buying or making things to add into our home but I believe our goal was accomplished so far so it's time to cross it off.

Here are some recent items that I put up.

When Matt was just recently deployed, he was given the opportunity to climb a mountain while in Malaysia. So these are a couple photos and his badge that he wore. 

These photos you will be seeing are from our homecoming from when Matt returned home in June. To see more of these photos and larger, look at this post.

Matt bought me this awesome art work that is stitched but you would have no idea unless you look at it up close. It's beautiful. I want to say it was from Hong Kong. I will have to make sure on this though.

Matt's certification from climbing the mountain in Malaysia 

Boomerang Matt bought on this last deployment.

Beautiful artwork from Singapore. 

(up close) Not exactly sure what the writing says, but it adds a nice touch to our guest bedroom/office.

To take a look at some of the things we either bought or made that was actually blogged about, you can look back on these posts here, here, here, and here.

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