Monday, July 9, 2012

A Love So Strong

Have you been in love, or in love? Or maybe just have a crush? Think to the time when you got to go on a date with that person for the first time, the first phone call, texting, that first hug, and that amazing first kiss. Remember how it gave you butterflies and time may have stopped for those first few seconds and all that was there was you and that special person? That is exactly how I feel each homecoming reunion.

Those butterflies start fluttering hard, the nervousness of seeing your loved one after over 7 months, the first kiss, and that first hug filled with an unbelievable amount of love. Even though there are hundreds of people all around being reunited it only feels like two. me and him.  I really can't even explain half of the emotions and feelings it brings and how exactly it makes me feel - it's really something that a person has to experience for themselves. Just know, those days will always be remembered, as well as the ones where he leaves.

So on homecoming day, I woke up and got his sign ready to go on the garage. I used glow sticks and taped them on to make a sweet message. Even though he was scheduled to come in the afternoon, I was hoping they would still glow a little bit a night but they never did :( thought that matters though.
 I also added some red, white and blue tinsel with stars around the garage.

It was red, white and blue glow sticks.

After I got his sign ready, I made his poster and then I decided to check the hotline for when they are scheduled to come in and the time got pushed up from 2:30pm to 1pm!! That made me freak out because I was really counting on that extra hour and a half. So now it was around 1130pm and I had to quickly text our photographer to let her know of the time change since she lives further away and then hopped into the shower, got ready and left to go to the air station. (below are some of the photos)

His sign I wrote on both because I loved each of the ideas I thought of.

I got there and met up with my photographer and we stood around for awhile waiting. Then Matt text me telling me he was in the air, I was so happy reading that, I knew just in a matter of less than an hour we would be in each others arms. So there were a few times when I thought it was him flying in but it was just Marines training with the other helicopters that day since it was during working hours. It got a bit confusing, haha.

Finally.. I knew because there were 2 big groups of 6 large helicopters. It was so awesome to see. I have never witnessed anything like that. Well, the helicopters landed, then they had to taxi around and get in their marked spots. Then the engines had to cool off and shut down. Then they finally lined up, marched over and got dismissed.

I was looking everywhere for Matt. I couldn't find him and all I saw was people hugging and kissing around me and he still was no where to be seen. I probably looked like a crazy woman Lol
Finally, I saw him and ran towards home.  And instantly, all those days, weeks, and months apart was nothing compared to having him back with me, having him hug me, pick me up and give me the sweetest kiss.

He showed me inside the helicopter then we looked everywhere for his bag because there were so many and they were scattered around a bit.

Overall, homecoming was awesome. Oh and did I mention it was on his birthday?? So I got hit with a double whammy   a birthday and homecoming.  It was great celebrating the two.
Once we came home, he talked to family for a bit, then we went to hubby's birthday dinner of choice (buffalo wild wings) and came back for the ice cream cake I made and he opened his gifts.

 Ever time I decorate for him as a little "surprise" homecoming gift… but it seems like I always somehow outdo myself…. .worried about next time haha

 Christmas and birthday gifts since he left in November lol

So during this deployment, I felt like I grew into who I am and want to be, learning more about me and my future. Started my career and continuing my education, and as well as Matt thinking more of his career and accomplishing his goals we both set for New Years resolutions. I think good things are to come in our future, isn't that what everyone hopes for anyways?
We left off where we were, maybe even better! and it felt wonderful.  I love having him home, but it's sad to say I already don't want him leaving again. I felt like that the first night. You just never know when and how long…. you want him to stay forever.  but for now, I think we both are enjoying the time together


  1. Very nicely documented Bridget~! The photographer did a great job of capturing the special moments. I saw all of the photos after he got back. The best thing I am proud of you is for continuing on with your education and your dreams. Yes, you are a couple but you also have some personal goals and accomplishments that are important to you. I imagine it helped the time to go by faster as well. Keep up the good work. Happy for you both as a couple to be living in the present and looking forward to the future~!

    1. Thank you Lauren! Yes she did a great job capturing all the moments.. I definitely agree. Well, I still have awhile to go on the education part, but I hope to keep pursuing it and getting my degree someday! LOL. And it did help a lot with the time, I cannot believe how fast those 7.5 months went by but that definitely does not mean I want him to go again anytime soon.

  2. You both look very happy. Whenever life gives you trouble, remember the embrace you shared when Matt returned home. It's those moments that make the wait worthwhile. Did you find Matt's bags? Love Dad

    1. I will remember that dad. Thank you. and Yes we did.. there were some by the helicopters on the flight line so his ended up there.