Thursday, July 26, 2012

Single File!

Since Matt and I have been married, I have been telling him how I think we should get a filing cabinet and that it has become a necessity because of all the paperwork we have from our medical records, moving, military, my schooling, taxes, and all other sorts of stuff we have going on that it will be a lot more organized and simpler.  Well, I have looked online for a nice filing cabinet that is not too expensive and it turns out, filing cabinets are expensive. They run anywhere between $70-250.  I was not willing to pay that price so I've been hunting for a few months for used one in pretty good condition. 
Finally, I found this on craigslist! I took my friend Sarah with me (scary to go alone after watching 'The Craigslist Killer') It was $40. I tried to go lower but that lady didn't budge. Oh well, it's a pretty good price for a wood filing cabinet. So, I have great plans for a DIY project makeover. It can use some TLC.  So - stay tuned in ;)

 This is what our current filing cabinet looks like. Yep, that small plastic container with overflowing papers.

 Organizing, sorting, trashing.. 

3.5 hours later, and this is what it looks like. So much better.


  1. I like the cabinet,did you refinish it? I agree, organization is good. I clean our files January every year. Love Dad

  2. No I didn't refinish it yet. I will probably either this month or in September. I feel like I'm always busy.