Friday, July 13, 2012

Potato Chip Rock

In Southern California, there is this great hiking place in Poway where they have many different trails to chose from.  For this afternoon, Matt and I chose to do the Mt. Woodson Trail due to the fact it is famous for the potato chip rock at the very top of the hike. Below are just only a few of the many we took along this hike, it was so hard to pick which ones to upload, I tried to narrow it down.

Interesting facts about Mt. Woodson:

  • Why potato chip rock for the nickname? It looks like a potato chip! It is also called "the wave" because it does look like a wave from the ocean. 
  • Elevation 2,881
  • Approx 8 miles roundtrip
  • popular to rock climbers due to the many boulders just laying around

This signed turned out to be very misguided, haha. From this point it was 1.8 miles just to get to the beginning of Mt. Woodson Trail.

Matt standing in front of Lake Poway

Rock climbing skills definitely helped during this hike. I mean, of course we didn't have to go off the beaten path and climb random large boulders but it made the hike more fun and adventerous. Plus it gave us time to take some rest stops in between since it was at least 90* that day. This is a hike to do in the morning or early afternoon. We got there around 1pm!

Potato Chip or Wave? All that I know, is that this was one hill of a hike and definitely not for beginners considering it was all uphill dirt/rocky terrain. but standing on the very top was well worth it and I would recommend this trail to other hikers.


  1. I liked the photos. It looked like a nice day and you both look happy. How far did you hike? It didn't look like you had hiking boots on. Glad to see you having fun and being happy. Love Dad

  2. It was an extremely nice day and pretty hot since we were more in the mountains/inland.. definitely feel the heat over there. We hiked the entire thing, so it was approx 8 miles. No, not hiking boots just regular running shoes.