Thursday, July 14, 2011

Makeover Time

Remember a few one month ago in posts how I said I was going to start up a project and then I oh-so-kindly gave you a little sneak peek of what the project would be? Well in case you forgot, here is that post.
And here is the full item of which the project was about

So forward that to yesterday, I actually started and finished it.
First, tape around the edges of the mirror and shove them undeneath the crack that's between the frame iteself and the mirror. If unable to do so, then line it up on the side or take the mirror out. In my case, this mirror cannot be removed, so I taped as best as I could.
Next, place bags, paper bags, or cardboard over the mirror to protect it from spray paint. It looks like I went overboard, but to be honest - I had some spray paint on the mirror; which, then I had to scrape off with a knife. That was tedious just as much as placing the tape around the frame.
I put the mirror on top of a box and then added a painters rug on top of the box just for precautions. Just make sure you are in a well-ventilated area because they have not made a spray paint that is no-VOC yet.
psstt - Is it just me, or does anyone else think of a coffin when they see this picture?
Grey is my primer. Then, obviously the purple is my color.
Grey primer applied (this was my first coat. I did two coats)
First coat of the purple (I did three coats)
It was actually hard for me to stop spray painting. I felt like I would keep going out to check on it to see if I missed any spots or if I could spray paint anything else in our house. Is that strange that I really enjoy spray painting? Good thing Matt didn't come home to our kitchen table being purple. That would be something.
Here it is close-up. It's not the best lighting due to our house having crappy bulbs. I swear each room has a different bulb than the other. But hey! I can't complain too much, right? We don't pay an electric bill or for light bulbs due to living on base.

Another view of the entire thing when I brought it inside. It dried within 10 minutes since I had it sitting in the sun (which the can even says it will be dry in 10 minutes) But it did also mention it might be sticky or need to stay outside for a few hours or overnight. Well, I left it outside for almost 2 hours and then brought it inside for 1-2 hours before actually hanging it up. It didn't have a strong aroma and it wasn't really sticky, so that was my okay to move on with the process!
View of the mirror. I kind of think it's a little high, but if I had it lower it looked weird too. This way we lined it up with the blinds.
The view of our living room with the mirror at its new home.
Sorry the lighting isn't great.. It looks black in the pictures but it's really a purple and noticable too when you walk into the room!

Why did it take me so long to do a project that would require not that much time? Well.. the spray painting actually scared me. I never spray painted anything in my life, so this was the first. The fact that I actually really loved this mirror since I got it not only for a great price, but also because it was large and has great details, I was worried I would mess it up. What a disappointment that would be. But, as you can see that didn't happen and all is good.

Why purple? I was leaning on a light purple to begin with, but was unsure at times and kept thinking of other colors and where I would exactly put this mirror. Then I received a phone call telling me my aunt has passed away. It was a shock to everyone. Her favorite color was purple, so I said to myself, "self, Purple the mirror will be!" Not only was it the color I was leaning to, but it matches the pillows we have downstairs in our living room, and I will think of my Aunt.  As you can see... it's not light purple, but a darker shade and that's because the light purple looked more like a grey so I said forget it, let's go dark. I can always change it later if need be.

I think I got this mirror for such a deal! I was on the search for a large mirror, but they were $50+. So, thanks to a yard sale, I got this mirror for cheap.

Break-down of costs:
Mirror $10
Tape $0 (already had it on hand)
Nails $0 (already had it on hand)
Spray Paint $12
Total: $22

P.S. not only did the mirror get a makeover, but our blog did too! Did you notice?


  1. Looks good. I hope Matt likes it. Nice touch about your Aunt. Love Dad

  2. Love and Love!! Why a great little DIY project