Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spear Fishing

Haven't heard of it? Well, apparently you just go under the ocean wearing fins, goggles, and snorkle and throw this giants spear at fish to catch them. It was definitely spontaneous! Yesterday, Matt called me from work asking if I wanted to go with him and some of the guys from work and I said, "sure why not."
He had to go and buy the gear and wetsuit but since you only have to buy it once and then can use all of that for multiple occasions to go spear fishing or even snorkeling, it's worth it.

I didn't go in with them, I stayed outside of the water to lay on the beach with another wife that came along. Plus, if I did go in the water, then I wouldn't have been able to take pictures of the event or see my first sunset (yes, first california sunset after living here for 1.5 years!) But maybe next time I will go in with him. He said he had a great time and it was fun even if no fish were caught.
wet suit on and about to put on gear
I love my new camera because then I am able to capture moments like these instantly.
Snorkle time
I like this picture of him! It's one of my favorites from the day.
Messing around with the spear pole
I like how this turned out. It kind of gave him the silhouette effect against the blue sky
This is his oh-c'mon-not-another-picture-I-want-to-go-in-the-water-already face.
He looks good in a wetsuit!
Four of the guys. Two other showed up a little later.
I love this picture with the helicopter flying over (Matt works with those)
Sun slowly, yet quick going down.
Barely there anymore

Have you ever seen a West Coast and East Coast sunset or sunrise? Some people say there is a huge difference, but honestly, I didn't see a big difference.


  1. Looks like fun. It's great that you guys are enjoying life by trying new and different things. Florida has strick laws on where you can spear fish and what type of fish you can take. Make sure Matt understands the California Saltwater Regulations. Matt looks happy, you make him happy. Love Dad

  2. It does look like fun. We have talked a little bit back and forth about getting me a wet suit and going with him in the water. It is always fun trying new things. Okay, I will tell him and see if he will find that out about the regulations. He knows that there are some fish (huge orange ones) that you aren't allowed to spear because I guess it just stuns the fish or something like that. I try to make him as happy as I can, and I try to do my best.