Thursday, July 28, 2011

See You Later, California

I (yes, just me because the hubby had to stay home. I miss you, love!!) landed in Florida Tuesday early in the morning to spend time with family and attend a memorial for about a week. So far, it has been a nice little getaway.
After hanging out at my parents house and sneaking in a nap on the first day, I went over to Matt's cousin's house, Danielle, to hang out with her and see her kids (basically our nieces and nephews). They are SO adorable.
Don't kill me, Danielle but I don't think it's bad. Plus.. you didn't mention not to put it on the blog ;)
This was my first time seeing baby Grace, so I managed to take a lot of pictures; not only on my phone but on my camera.
Love that bottom lip.
Also, Blase (her son) is so talkative now and still cute as ever. I spent a good 2 hours over there, and maybe will try to squeeze in another mini trip to her house in between all the other visits and events I have to attend while being in Florida.
The many faces of Blase
Blase with his new book
Once I left her house, I came back over to my parents and my sister, nieces, and nephews were here! I haven't seen them since September 2009. So much has changed and I really missed all of them so very much so I beyond happy I am able to spend time with them for a few days.
Times like these make me really miss being around family and closer to the ones we love. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being out in California with Matt; exploring around and just having it being us two, but sometimes it would be nicer if we didn't live about a weeks worth of driving to see family or an entire day of flying. Maybe in a 1.5 years or so we will be a little closer.....Until then, all we can do is cherish each moment we get with our families and the opportunities to be able to travel.

P.S. be prepared for a lot of posts and pictures while I have downtime during my visit. It's going by pretty quick so far.