Thursday, August 4, 2011

Overwhelmed! Florida Trip Day 4 - Friday

There is so much to talk about and many pictures to post that it makes me feel stressed and overwhelmed. I am going to try as best as possible to talk about each day through photos leaving off from the last day I updated but instead of having it in one post, I will just post every day for each day.
So, on Friday, we headed up to Tampa to start the family reunion/memorial weekend. A lot of the family got together at this restaraunt called, Catches.
My nephew, Brecken
My youngest niece, Gemma holding my hand.
She was even excited about the get-together
my sister and niece.
The patio right outside the conference room we were eating at
A few cousins
My Aunt Teresa!
Gorgeous niece, Malei
brother and sister love (they're twins by the runs in our family. Our grandma had twins, my aunt had twins, my sister had twins, my cousin had twins...hopefully it skipped me!)
My mom, Aunt Liz, and Aunt Frances
My grandma playing ring the rosey
My aunt and niece
My nephew Braedyn


  1. Nice photos. Love Dad

  2. Yes, I agree the reunion was overwhelming. I guess because we had to travel two hours to get there, stay at a hotel for three days, set up for a memorial, attend a memorial, and then attend the church memorial for your aunt, and we did this in three days. You weren't really relaxing either since you were watching the kids and taking pictures. Your camera sure takes amazing pictures. You are the one to make it happen though. A camera is just a camera, but the person taking the picture knows how to capture that perfect picture.

  3. Thanks Dad

    Well, I was just overwhelmed with traveling and then posting the blog which I was behind by a few days plus thinking about how everything was going on over in CA. I don't mind taking pictures or playing with the kids, that was a lot of fun. Thanks, I try to capture moments that aren't forced.