Thursday, August 11, 2011

Florida Trip Day 5 - Saturday Cont.

Here is the continuation from Saturday's "informal" memorial. These pictures were taking afterwards during the lunch and night.
Flowers were so gorgeous
Close up of the flowers
A beautiful set-up of my Aunt Eve.
My Aunt owned her own tailor shop for about 23 years, I believe that's how long. She was so great and artistic when it came to designing clothing and tailoring clothes.
My aunt when she was younger
Her favorite color and flavor in the seeds. I can't wait to plant them soon
The food set-up
Dessert. I kind of like how this picture came out.
My mom and a few of her sisters
My two twin cousins and my aunt Jeanne
Gift from everyone for my grandparents from their first lost daughter
Another gift for them for their second most recent lost daughter
Family hanging out by the pool afterwards
Can you spot the heart shapped cloud? They follow me everywhere.. must be someone great watching over me :) 


  1. Aunt Eve is watching over you. She would be proud of all the pictures you captured of her memorial. She was a great seamstress, but loved pictures of any kind. Once again, great job!

  2. I am glad I was able to capture the little and big moments at her memorial as well. Thank you