Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Florida Trip Day 5 - Saturday

Saturday was the "informal" memorial. It was held at the hotel that all the family members that flew in, were staying.
I never realized how hard it would be to lose someone in the family. Just this past January, Matt's grandmother passed away and that was my first memorial I attended of my ALMOST 23 years being alive. Now, this was my second. I really hope my aunt can feel all the love from everyone who was in her life and who she truly touched. She was a fabulous person. I will always think of her and miss her. She will be watching over so many people.
Everyone who gave a speech (quality would have been better with a flash but I thought it might have been inapporpriate to use flash during the memorial)
A slideshow
Grandma and Grandpa
sign in, memory cards, and other little items

A continuation of the informal memorial/lunch afterwards will be posted for another day. There are just so many pictures. I am behind on my blogging, but that's only because so much has been happening around here and I lose track of uploading and writing. I am going to try and catch up more now that Matt is gone for 2 weeks due to a work-up to prepare him for this next deployment coming up way too quickly. We barely have any time left together as the two of us. We only get to spend 3.5 weeks together  in between all of his work ups and then still when we spend those weeks, he still has to work. So I have a feeling time is going to go by too quickly than I want it totally sucks. I just can't wait until we are back together again.
I am just asking God for more time for us or to slow time down so the two of us can spend as much time together. We are honestly still considered newlyweds since we've only spend 9 months total together! all the other months and year, we've been seperated due to many work-ups and deployments.


  1. So sweet. You are beyond blessed that you have only attend two memorials. I have been to way to many and it sucks

  2. I know, I am pretty lucky i have only been to a few. I can imagine how hard it must be to attend more. This one was hard on me as well