Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chocolate Covered Pretzels With M&M's

This is an easy dessert snack that can be brought to any party or get-together or maybe just to eat at home and hide some from the husband and kids. Okay, so I didn't hide any this time, but it did cross my mind! And Thank you again Kristin for introducing these to me. You were always a help when it came to fattening me up with your delicious food!

Prep time and serving size varies depending on how many you make. (One regular bag of hershey kisses has 72; therefore, 72 small desserts which does seem like a lot but ours are almost gone!)
Bake time: 2 minutes

What you will need:
Hershey Kisses
Mini Regular Pretzels (can be square or circle pretzels too)

Start by preheating the oven to 350*
Then, place the pretzels on a cookie sheet.  Unwrap each hershey kiss and place 1 hershey kiss on top of the pretzel.
Place in the oven for 1-2 minutes or until it gets melted a little.
Remove from the oven and then take an M&M and push it down on top of the hershey kiss so the chocolate melts ontop of the pretzel.
Then, take them off the cookie and put on a plate to either put in the fridgerator or freezer. I placed mine into the freezer so they could cool off faster so I could eat them quicker and then I later kept them in the fridge just to stay cool.

Enjoy this quick and easy fun dessert snack :)

P.S. I did take step-by-step pictures but for some reason the pictures didn't save to my memory card although I had seen them in the view menu. I am clueless about that. So, sorry about no pictures :( but since it is a simple recipe, I figured this one can go without the pictures anyways.

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  1. Your welcome again haha, enjoy them! Now I want to make some lol

    Kristin Haffner