Friday, July 1, 2011

96 Time!

In other terms, a long weekend... a four day weekend with the husband and I and occasionally friends too. I am excited about it! I love anytime he has a 72 or 96 (numbers are in reference to the hours). This weekend we have a lot planned and I am ready for all of it.
 Tonight - hanging out around the house  (Check!)
 Saturday - Rock climbing and maybe squeeze in a hike or go downtown San Diego Scratch that Saturday.... Maybe another time...hopefully I we can still do this stuff the rest of the weekend we have.
 Sunday - Soak City (kind of like wet n wild but hopefully cleaner!!) Well, it doesn't look like this will be happening either...but possibly moved to Tuesday. Why isn't this weekend working out?!
 Monday (Fourth Of July) - ALL day at the beach on base because there is a huge beach bash going on (Check. Spent 4 hours at the beach, came home to eat/shower, then back to the beach for fireworks and bon fire at the house afterwards)
 Tuesday - probably hungover, so this will be our recovery day/haircut & laundry (a.k.a RHL, you know, like GTL...)   (definitely wasn't hungover day or laundry day. we went to soak city with some friends.)
 Wednesday - Matt reports back to work at noon (Check...but it was in the morning not noon!)

I'll be posting throughout the weekend because if I don't, there would be way too much to talk about and a lot of pictures. I hope everyone has a great, but SAFE Fourth Of July!
xoxo, The Lacey's


  1. I hope you & Matt had a fun & safe 4th of July. We went to the fireworks in St Cloud, they were good. Mom fell & hurt herself pretty bad; cut her nose, forehead & knee. I think she sprained her wrist. Tomorrow morning I'm taking her to the doctors. Love Dad

  2. Hope you had fun at the beach and put on sunscreen this time! :)

  3. Thanks Dad. Our 4th of July was safe and fun. It was the first time we spent a 4th of July together in over 3 years!

    Jessica - we did have a good time and yes.. I for sure put sunscreen on!!