Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Let The Education Continue

This fall I am going to take two courses. Both will help me to further my knowledge not only as a Nursing Assistant, but also to help me get into an LVN/LPN program (whenever we move again because I can't just quit in the middle of the program that is 2 years).
So, the course runs from August 22 to December 17th. As well as benefiting my future career, it will be beneficial to my own sanity because Matt is going away each month for training before he deploys in November. Also, another perk is that I will be able to do early registration for spring semester for the HHA (home health aide) course that will help even more for my career! The two courses I have registered are Body Systems Survey and Basic Medical Terminology.

I have also been contemplating about holding off at least until January to get a CNA job because I am more than likely flying to Florida to be around family during the Christmas and New Years months and I know that as a CNA you cannot take that much time off especially if you just started the job.

Other Random Talk:
Only 5 days until I leave to go fly to Florida to visit family on both sides, attend a memorial, and a family reunion (over 50 people and that's not our entire family! I really wish Matt could come so he could meet my family he's never met before) I am a still nervous about leaving. It feels weird for me to be the one leaving Matt, when normally he is the one leaving me at the house. Hopefully all will be good! So if the nervous nerves weren't there, then all that would be is excitment to see family that I haven't seen in a long time and then my immediate family members whom I haven't seen in over half a year.

And I guess you could call it bad timing, because the whole entire week I am gone in Florida, Matt has to go to the range. Why bad timing? Well, because he will be getting out of work each day around 1pm vs. his normal time at 6pm!!!! Lame, right? I'm not too happy about missing that. It is what it is, I suppose.

It could be a bad thing that I am already missing him and he still has a little while until he leaves. 

Hope everyone is having a good week so far.

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