Friday, September 9, 2011

Welcoming Fall

Forgive me for not posting for 3 weeks! If it counts, I did think about posting; just never got around to actually doing it due to the many changes.
Starting from where I left off, this is what's been happening (most in chronological order):

--- In the evening of when I wrote my last post, Matt took me out to Cheescake Factory in San Diego to actually celebrate my birthday and it was date too :). Our food was delicious -- I think we got full even before out entree came. We took a slice of cheescake home (Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake)... EXTREMELY delicious. I could go for a slice now, ha ha. He also surprised me that evening and bought me my own wetsuit with fins, mask, and snorkle so I can go out with him in the water! I thought that was very thoughtful and I love what he chose. I really was not expecting that.
Being goofy in my new roxy wetsuit!
My mask, snorkle, and carrying bag match the pink on my wetsuit. The fins didn't come in pink so he got me black/blue ones!

--- The next day, Matt took me to La Jolla (this same place we went to 2 months ago) to learn how to snorkle.  I had a lot of fun. I think we were swimming in the water for 3 hours, but it didn't even feel like it. I started to get tired near the end swimming back in. I saw a lot of fish, swam into a cave that had too many rocks for my liking, and got caught up in the traffic of kayaks. I see our future investment being a underwater camera. 
--- We went to the beach and also snorkled around there. It wasn't until this day, that I realized snorkeling was on our baby bucket list! Crossed off it goes.
--- Made some good food while he was home, like this Chinese meal.
more about that, here.
He can fall asleep anywhere and quick too. I miss him.
--- The night before Matt left, we relaxed inside watching a t.v. series and sipping on some wine.

--- Major Blackout happened of all southern California and parts of Az. due to 1 guy who was working on a line. It caused outage for 4 million people. Think he is getting fired? Yes, me too.  The power was only out for 8 hours for me, but for some others, it didn't turn on until this afternoon depending on where they lived due to the grid lock.

--- Matt's brother, James, left today to go back home (or should be landing soon) to Florida.
--- I'm due to get my hair cut soon.

Can't wait until Matt comes back home!


  1. I like the shoes. I like the wetsuit. I like it when I see you happy. Love Dad

  2. Thanks Dad! the wetsuit was definitely a big surprise. I am happy. love you too