Friday, September 9, 2011

Keep-In Chinese

Recently, I made Chinese for dinner. I have only made this 1 other time. I never knew why, until when I made it for my 2nd time...... It. takes. forever.  Maybe, I am not that skilled to be cooking it, but I honestly felt like quitting half-way through it and just go to Panda Express. Not even kidding. I hope some year in the future, Matt will get restationed in North Carolina so we can eat at that awesome Chinese restaraunt. I seriously crave that place STILL after almost 2 years.
But since I made it and took pictures (of some of the the steps) I figured, I'd write out a quick vague blog for it, just in case anyone is crazy and likes to try to replicate other restaraunts you've eaten at.
 Chop up any vegetable you would like mixed in with your noodles. We always do carrots, green peppers, red peppers, onion, broccoli
 Noodles. You don't necessarily have to get this kind, in fact, I am not a fan of this kind but they didn't have any of the other brand that I bought and liked before
Steam your broccoli a little so it doesn't take as long in the skillet later on.
 Boil the noodles
 Brown the steak (or chicken if it's being used)
 I throw some of the vegetables in with the meat just to give it more flavor
Then, since I don't have a large enough skillet pan, I put it in a large pot and mix it together. Adding in chinese spice and soy sauce.

Add some white rice and a fortune cookie - BAM, Keep-In Chinese Food

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