Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hipp-ity Hopp-ity, I'm Late On This Post!

Well, I have been so busy that I forgot to post the Easter care package I put together for Matt. He received it a couple days after Easter, unfortunately but that's okay because it's the  thought and  candy that matters :)

 Yes, this would be me spoiling him.

 It started with 2 boxes, and I added a 3rd.

 Cutest little chinese easter baskets. (Found at dollar tree)

 Inside I just added a bunch of different candies.

 Easter wouldn't be Easter without some eggs filled with jelly beans, of course. (Dollar tree eggs)

 Cute dollar tree bags with chicks and bunnies on them, I added random candies to them

 Different chocolate candies.

 Sour gummy candies

 Easter marshmallows

 Butterfly clothespin I made. So easy to do. Just take a plastic baggy and fill it with something light, then decorate a clothes pin and cut pipewire. Hot glue the pipe wire to the side of the clothes pin and wah-la. (pipe wire/clothes pin at Joann's or Michael's)

 All the pretty and colorful butterflies.

 Box 1

 Box 2

 And last but not least, box 3 -- Hubby's personal box.

Well, there you have it.  And I finally mailed off the last and final box for Matt this afternoon. That made box #16!! It was a bittersweet moment just because I really do enjoy making these for him and thinking of new themes and knowing this will brighten up his day and a few others on the ship with him, but I really much rather him be home so we can continue making memories together! 
But, you know the drill - I'll write about the package I sent to him whenever he receives it… probably 3 weeks or so from now.


  1. Matt needs to see the dentist after all that candy. Glad your time is full of activities; such as work, gym, school. It makes the time pass faster. Love Day.

    1. Lol I know, I buy all these sweets and mail it to him! It's my way of getting my "fill" for something sweet. Yea, time is always a factor for me.. I feel like sometimes I don't have enough hours in a day. Hope you're doing good dad. I love you too