Saturday, April 14, 2012

Five Months

That's right.. I said it.. 5 months! Doesn't it seem like time is just flying by? It really feels that way for me lately and it's as if I have no time left to get anything done before Matt gets back, but don't get me wrong - I really want him home so if I don't finish a few tasks before then, that's okay!!
To make me really feel stressed about how close..... we got a homecoming brief the first week of May and that's also when the mail cut-off date is!!! Holy crap.  We both are really anxious to be together again.

So what's been happening here in California? Not too much out of the normal working and school. It's both going good.
Project I just presented for a presentation. This took too long drawing and coloring.

I cut my hair short again.. it grew to a little past my shoulders, so I decided to cut it again.. To be honest, I really do like short hair. I don't know if I am going to try and grow my hair out long, maybe I'll just get hair extensions when I feel like having long hair LOL

Oh I graduated from Physical Therapy. I am now on Stage 4 which is the at-home stage.. so I just need to make sure to keep up with all my exercises and stretches and then once a month I can go in to get adjusted. So that frees my time up a little bit more!
They gave me a coffee mug, candies, rubber stretch band :)

My baby has 12,000 miles on it :( Guess she cannot stay young forever.


  1. What happened that you are in physical therapy girl? I had no idea!

  2. Nothing major. I've just always had lower back pains and aches. I would get sharp pains 1 or 2 times a month that would bother me and hurt to keep walking. Matt has always told me to go get it checked out but I never really got around to it and I finally came across this place and found out my insurance covers it completely 100% so I talked to Matt about it and took it up! I was going since the end of January. I think it really helped out