Monday, April 23, 2012

What Does 75 Mean To You?

In this case, 75 to me, means 75% finished with this deployment!!!! Hallelujah, I feel so much closer to him coming home. I cannot believe we only have a quarter left to go and we all know how fast that first quarter went.
Of course that's not the date he's coming home, I don't think it will be until after his birthday

.75, 75%, 3/4, seventy-five, 75 ---- either way, I am completely good with. Hurry up June!  Although, I'll settle for May too in just 8 days. I am super packed in May with appointments, events, and school plus work that I know that month will come and go before I know it.

Matt seems to be doing well, he's ready to come home more than ever and we are so looking forward to our vacation getaway! It is going to be awesome!!


  1. where ya going for the getaway? : )

    1. Not sure yet.. somewhere tropical for sure. We had talked of tahiti (which is pretty pricey.. so idk), fiji, or maybe kill 2 birds with one stone and make a stop in florida for 3 days to see family and then head to dominican republic or costa rica, bahamas.. idk someplace over there. But we haven't really had a good opportunity to really discuss anywhere but it needs to be done soon because we want to go in july right after he gets home!

  2. I like the photo. I pray for you & Matt's safe return every Sunday @ church. Making each other smile and feel good about themselves is one element of a happy relationship. You both look happy. Love Dad