Friday, January 25, 2013

2012 Recap + New Years Celebration

Wow, I apologize for the lack of writing the past month. With Matt and I being gone for a week in Florida, to us getting sick, and then NewYears right around the corner from all of that, it became a whirlwind. So, now that I have some down time in between working and doing every day stuff, I thought I would update you all on our trip to Florida, New Years,  our overall year of 2012 and our outlook for 2013.

On the 20th we flew to Florida to spend Christmas with all of our family. Our week went by fast! The 21st we went up to visit Matt's cousin, Michael, and his wife Jessica and their cute two boys! Matt and I met their littlest, Lucas (who is almost 2!) for our first time… and fell in love.

One of those days we went out shopping for Christmas gifts,

another day I went up to visit my grandparents while Matt went golfing with his dad and grandpa.

Then Christmas Eve, I got sick. Yay! It was horrible.. but I managed to just suck it up and take as much medicine I could throughout the rest of our stay(and even back home!) Matt and I attended church and went straight over to his grandparents house for Antipasto and opened gifts. It was such a GREAT time! All the gifts this year seemed to be very creative (Thanks to Pinterest Lol)

On Christmas Day, Matt and I spent the entire day with my family, opening gifts, playing cornhole, xbox, and monopoly (curse that game!). That too was another GREAT day.

 Dad, this picture of you cracks me up! LOL

 His first time ever baking and decorating a cake.. it was so delicious and awesome!

 Matt dancing to my nieces new xbox

 My lovely Molly

 Monopoly late into the morning
My grown up niece!!

The last full day, we hung out with his family during the day and then at night we went over to my parents house to spend time with them. My dad took us to the airport on his way to work bright and early! The flight was horrible due to me feeling like completely and utter crap. I couldn't wait to just be home in bed and fall asleep.

Once we got home, it was still early, so we took it easy and opened up our gifts and went grocery shopping. Then two days later, it was back to the grind and I went to work.

Few days passed, New Years came along. We hung out with our good friends and a lot of other people and had a big celebration! It is sad to think that all of us that were in that same room, are all moving to different states and some are getting out of the military.

So that is a very quick story and pictures of the past events.

2012 was a good year for us:
  • Celebrated our 3rd year anniversary
  • I got a wonderful job
  • Matt came back from his deployment and turned 25
  • We went on our belated honeymoon to St. Lucia
  • We bought a kayak and took up snorkeling/spearfishing more
  • I turned 24
  • Celebrated Thanksgiving with close friends
  • Went to see a Ravens football game
  • Went home to Florida to be with family during Christmas
  • Had a big New Years party
  • Crossed many items off our baby bucket list: 14 things in total

Our predicted 2013 year for us:
  • Celebrate our 4th year anniversary
  • House hunting and buying a home in Florida
  • Matt turning 26
  • Matt getting out of the military and us moving to Florida
  • I'm turning 25
  • Matt starting college and getting a new job
  • I'm returning back to college and hopefully getting an awesome job at the hospital
  • Cross more items off our baby bucket list
  • Planning the right time to have a baby

I think 2013 will be great!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your blog. That was a cute way to sum up the year. Your post is organized and flows well. I like all the pictures you took during your time in Florida. I hope you and Matt have a Happy 4th Anniversary. I can't wait to see next post about your anniversary!


    1. I try to make it organized. You're welcome for all the pictures.. I like taking them! I posted the anniversary blog already.

  2. You always had an intelligent and romantic talent when it came to writing. Maybe as a hobby you should think about writing a book or short stories. I enjoyed your short visit home. Love Dad

    1. Thank you. I do enjoy writing, it's fun! But I think having it for a career could spoil it since I like to do it for a hobby. I enjoyed being home with you as well… just think, a few months from now we will only be about 20 minutes away!