Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our Fourth Wedding Anniversary

Yesterday, Jan. 25, we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary! I cannot believe that those 4 years already went by.

Most of them were spent apart due to Matt being gone on 3 deployment (all 7 months long in length), and trainings in between deployments. Through it all, we managed to stick together and enjoy the time that we did have. Soon, we won't have to worry about long months apart because he has decided to retire from the military lifestyle and start our new life back in Florida so we can start our family.
Anyways, Matt had to work that day, so when he came home I was already ready to go out on our dinner date to the Cheesecake Factory (Thanks Mom & Dad for the gift card!!) and I had decorated the house a bit for him.

The 4th traditional anniversary gift is flowers and I didn't want to buy him a bouquet of flowers or anything floral print because I knew he wouldn't wear it, so I opt to getting a hyacinth flower plant.. that way it is not too feminine and we can take care of it inside.
Oh yea, and this awesome chalkboard is from a family member - Thanks Danielle!!! You can check out her blog by clicking THIS LINK.

Upstairs on our bed, I placed 4 balloons with a special memory or highlight of our marriage attached to the string in reference to 1 ballon for every year.

Despite the horrible weather that San Diego thought it should bring on this particular weekend, dinner was great! We even had our traditional anniversary shot

Then, while at dinner, I gave him his gift (unfortunately I couldn't take a picture of his reaction or record it because it was too dark in the restaurant… our server actually used her phone to take the photo of us above since my phone doesn't have flash! Lol) But his reaction was just what I'd hoped it would be.
This is what I had in his card:

Eight years ago when we first met,
I didn’t think that I would find my true love yet.
Time went by and I felt it was more than a crush,
due to the insane amount of adrenaline rush!

One year became two, then two became four,
next thing I know, you proposed with your knee on the floor.
My heart was soaring as high as a jet,
without a doubt, I said, “Yes!”
I know our true love can withstand any test.

Only two months passed and we could hardly wait,
so we took that leap of faith and made a quick wedding date.
That next weekend, we said our “I do’s” and read our vows,
we officially became the next newlyweds in town.

Our first year flew by fast, and now at last, we were to be married
in front of family and friends from present and past!
We danced, we ate, and the pictures turned out great. 
I know we will never forget that special date!

Since that day, four years ago,
we’ve both experienced some highs and some lows.
Now here we are, celebrating our marriage, of all that we have done
and all that is yet to come!
So c’mon, get ready......set.....and jump!

Did you figure it out? A clue would be look at the italicized words and the last sentence…. I purchased us skydiving tickets for today! But, due to the weather, it may actually be postponed until next weekend.


  1. Congratulations on your 4th wedding anniversary. Matt is a lucky man. I am very happy that Matt makes you feel special, loved & happy. Love Dad

  2. It takes two to make a true marriage work. Congratulations on your fourth wedding anniversary. I like your pictures you took. The both of you look very nice in the pictures. I am surprised you don't have a flash on you phone. I had to keep looking back at your chalkboard to see the decorations on it. Your background on you blog looks like a chalkboard. Is that is what is suppose to be? . I only got the clue because you told me already. From now on I will have to look for clues in your poems or notes. I forgot you always liked to do that with gifts.
    I cannot wait to see pictures from another new adventure

    1. Thank you! Yeah, our phones don't have flash.. they are a bit "outdated" by 2 years. Lol! Yes, the background on my blog is a chalkboard.. pretty cool to me! I'll be posting the pictures and videos soon on here.. my video is giving me a hard time