Sunday, June 24, 2012

Twix Ice Cream Cake

Who doesn't love cake and ice cream? Who doesn't love the both combined?? Well, I know I enjoy ice cream cakes and the hubby really does. So to switch it up this year, I decided to make an ice cream cake for his birthday.

He had a very special birthday due to him coming back home on the same day as his birthday! It was definitely a great day.
Anyways, I'll write more on that another time but here is a quick step by step instruction if you want to do it yourself for a special occasion or maybe just because!

What you will need:
1 bag of candy (any of your choice, but I used twix)
1 tub of cool whip (12 oz or 16 oz)
1 jar of carmel  (12 oz I think)
12 ice cream sandwiches or if you want a larger cake, then use 24
1  8x11 pan (if using the 12 sandwiches, otherwise you'll need 9x13)
Foil (optional)

Well, you don't have to line your pan with foil but I did because I didn't want the sandwiches to stick to the bottom, but then again I have come to realize it's worse when it sticks to the foil, although it is easy to remove. So if you want to just skip the step of laying foil down, then that's fine too.

Then cut up your candy into smaller pieces so they are prepared to go. I think I only used maybe 7-8 of the bite size candies, so you won't need the full bag but that's a personal choice. This was a hard part to not eat any!

 Ice Cream sandwiches, unwrap them from the wrappers. I only took 6 out of the freezer at a time because I didn't want them to melt

Lay them across in the pan

Layer the cool whip on top the sandwiches

  Then take your carmel, get it a little warm and put that on top of the cool whip, I mixed it in a bit throughout to give it a swirl effect.

Lay twix (or candy of choice) on top of it all

Then repeat the process one more time and make the top a bit more "appealing" and decorative. Then put foil on top of it and stick it in the freezer to enjoy later!

And here are a few from his birthday

Crazy to think he's 25… Even crazier to think I've known him since he was 16!


  1. Cool picture of you on the rock. Enjoy your time together. Cake looks good. Love Dad

    1. Thank you, we definitely are. Love you too