Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Oops, I've been slacking on updating about my 30 day photo fun challenge..  Well,  here is the past week and a half.
June 11 - Silhouette  (it was hard to take one so I just made one using photoshop that I took at the gym, hah)

June 12 - Sun Flare

June 13 - Reminds you of your childhood.
   Yes, I still have this keychain from when I was around 8 or 9 years old. At the time, we were living in Alabama. My dad is a big Redsox fan and they would be playing in Atlanta to go up against the Braves. So, my dad and I made it into a father-daughter day where we went to the city and watched the baseball game. I remember I didn't like to sit through the entire game so we ended up walking around the stadium a bit, but it was a good day! I still remember what I wore.

June 14 - Someone you love  (he actually sent me this today in HI!!)

June 15 - Action  (project I'm working on before hubby comes home)

June 16 - Mason Jar/ Jelly Jar

June 17 - Bokeh  (I didn't take this image, I actually am not sure how to create bokeh and I have been a bit lazy today so for today's challenge I am skipping!)

June 18 - Eyes

June 19 - Summertime    (New bikinis!)

June 20 - Water

June 21 - Micro  (Welcome Home is spelled out in red, white, and blue glow sticks on the garage.  Unfortunately they didn't light up at night due to him coming home in the afternoon, but it was the thought/idea that counted)

June 22 - Landscape

June 23 -  Black and White

June 24 - Love

June 25 - Citrus

June 26 - Favorite Color   (Really love these color combos of our couch pillows)


  1. Nice photos. You look happy. I have lots of happy & warm memories of our father/daughter relationship; going to the baseball game was one of them. You were a terrific daughter growing up, I miss my little girl. Love Dad

    1. I am pretty happy! Yes, we did have a great time together throughout my whole life when I lived with you and mom. Thank you :) i miss you too and love you. P.S. I'm still your little girl