Monday, June 11, 2012

Such A Large Ocean

To continue on with the 30 day fun photo challenge, here is day 8 through 10.

Fresh fruit

Sunset (I couldn't decide between the two)

Animal.  Yep, a bird. I don't see animals that often so this will have to do. 

When I went to the beach the other day, it was such a great feeling to just sit there in the sand and look out into the ocean, feel the cool breeze and hearing the waves crash and think about nothing else except for in that moment.  It actually helped relax and rejuvenate me a little bit. Of course thinking about nothing only last for so long with me (haha) so I started to think about my husband and even though the Pacific Ocean is very large, at that particular moment it didn't quite feel that way because I know he's coming home soon and that we were looking out into that same exact ocean just thousands of miles apart.

And speaking of hubby, here is an article from the ship he is on that he was quoted in. Apparently, one of the female co-workers he works with, her mom made a bunch of quilts for each of the people she works with, with their names on it and Matt said a few words.

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