Friday, March 16, 2012

Miss You Care Package

I just wrote a post last night about Matt not receiving one of his care packages and that it's taking longer than usual! Well, he was able to e-mail me and let me know he just got it today! I am so happy, so now here is another post on a care package idea. I labeled this one "Miss You" package. I didn't add too much creativity to it due to me being really sick the week I made it and shipped it out.

Notepad, pens, books, new camera, snacks, TV shows/Movies, card and some homemade crafts.

 Long distance hug.  I also made another one just of my hands and paper in between so he stretches it out it say "I miss you this much x 10"
 Snacks with cute sayings on them.
Box with everything in it.

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