Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thrift Store Find

When Matt was deployed last year on a MEU, he went to many countries. While he was in port at Singapore, he bought this gorgeous china set for me. It's been sitting in a box in the closet ever since. We had no place to display it, so it just sat. Until a couple weeks ago when I managed to come across this beautiful heavy china cabinet at a thrift store. I text a picture to Matt since he's in California right now to share my excitement, and he was all aboard about it too. So, I bought it for only $140! That's what I call a steal!!

Now, the china cabinet sits in our formal dining room with the china he purchased for me, woo hoo!!  (no table yet, but it may come in the future) 

We don't plan on changing anything about it, except maybe the handles. This china cabinet is in really good condition.

Ignore my half body reflection. There is another row of china above but it had too much of my own reflection again, but you get the idea of it.

Pictures were taken on my cell phone.

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