Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy 237th Birthday Marines!

On Thursday, November 8, 2012, Hubby and I went to the Marine Corps ball to celebrate its birthday! The actual birthday was not until Saturday, November 10th.  I was so happy that this year we could go, but it was some-what sad due to the fact that the hubby is getting out so this was our last ball. I love getting all dolled up and seeing him in his uniform.   The ball was located in downtown San Diego this year so it wasn't a far drive (which I love!) I got my hair done prior and then we drove down to finish getting ready in our hotel room.. then it was time to enjoy the night! ….  or so we thought. The ceremony was fine, and dinner as well, but right after dinner - almost everyone left! I was so shocked.. The entire ballroom was empty except maybe two couples by 9pm. (the ball started at 7pm) I was disappointed because all the other years it wasn't like that, but like Matt had told me.. the Marine Corps is changing, it's not the same anymore.    It probably didn't help that the drinks at he hotel cost $7.50 - it could easily get expensive quick!
So after we realized how lame it was this year, we left and went downtown with a few friends.

Once I found my dress, I immediately fell in love with it and knew I wanted to do the classy vintage look. It worked out great especially with the length of my hair.

Look at how many medals he has now! 

Our professional photos we had done

 I dyed my hair back to dark brown, darker than my original hair color.. .I love it!

We met the most interesting man in the world while we were at a bar! Lol

Now, time to sell all my ball gowns from the previous years, haha! 

I also want to give a shout out to all the Veteran's to thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for us. Especially a big thank you to my incredible husband! I am so proud to be his wife  and for how far he has come. Of course we cannot forget all of the family members who wait patiently for their loved ones to come home.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your post about your evening at the Marine ball. Too bad mostly everyone ditched so soon. I wonder if the ball had been further away more people would have stayed later. Your dress is gorgeous and was made just for your figure. You looked great in all the pictures. You couldn't have had a better look. The pictures you took together are great. Matt looked good too. I felt I had to wear sun glasses with all his shinny metals, lol. So, what is so interesting man from the bar and who is he? You could probably have some sort of auction on all your dresses, lol. I like your hair back even if it is darker! I am glad you had a good time out on the town. I will talk to you soon.